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//I'm Weird 'Cause I Hate Goodbyes//

Long time since I last got to update here. Can't believe the struggle I had just trying to remember my password.

I hope everyone's doing fine. As for me, I'm ok. Congrats and good luck, Silas, for getting to go soon. Verzerrung told me a little.

I have an opportunity finally to make something work. I went to our local art museum to see if I could actually get some of my work in. They're full right now and you have to book twelve months in advance and have at least sixty pieces of work for them. I have fourteen. However, there is good news. In march they are having an exposition for artists and photographers. I have been told to put my work into the competition and, if the judges like it and it stays in the gallery, it'll be sold. So any of my stuff might sell. I'm beyond ecstatic and I hope that something works. I'm going to go mad trying to get these pieces, but hopefully it'll manage.

Anyway, sorry about vanishing. I hope to get the chance to work with this more.

Miss you guys!

Friends Only

Introductory Post is Go!

Right, so the majority of you who will read this will likely be bouncing of from verzerrung. As you probably know, I'm Arlen, the fiance`.

Geez this is awkward. Hope I get used to this journal thing soon. Because I am absolutely no good at this at all.

Thanks for already friending me Guy! That's awesome. Love America and all, but it doesn't count when your partner is on your friends list, ya' know?

As stated from my profile I'm not too much of a talker. Generally I just let people talk to me first and eventually I'll fall into place so, how's this:

Ask 5 questions and get a whopping 5 answers! Unless you were expecting candy, then you're really following the wrong guy.

I'll lie answer them as honestly as possible.

Not too hard right?

You sure?

Okay, then go!




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